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2012, Shopping Feature, Worthwhile Magazine, Worth a Look – Fresh Looks and New Ideas

Worthwhile Magazine
“Worth a Look”
Winter 2012-2013

The Gallery was featured under the heading “Worth a Look, a compendium of fresh looks and new ideas” in Worthwhile, “A publication of thoughtful insight dedicated to the life well planned.” The article is illustrated with a Trippensee tellurian from c. 1910. The magazine is published by the wealth management firm Raymond James. Below is the item in its entirety:

A universe of models
Oddly, George Glazer acknowledges he’s not particularly adept at reading maps. However, his passion to collect them — as well as globes, tellurians (mechanical astronomical demonstration devices) and armillary spheres (models of objects in the sky) — led the former corporate attorney to open an Upper East Side Manhattan gallery in 1993. This extension of his personal interests has transformed his antique shop into a treasure trove of planetaria and cartographical wonders, a mecca for collectors and gift givers. Visit

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