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2012, Shopping Feature, “The Eye, Collections: George Glazer Gallery,” Forbes Life Magazine

Forbes Life: A Supplement to Forbes Magazine
“The Eye, Collections: George Glazer Gallery”
by Paige Reddinger
Spring 2012
p. 116

The George Glazer Gallery’s globes were spotlighted in “The Eye,” a section of Forbes Life magazine featuring new and antique luxury goods selected by the editors:

George Glazer Gallery: An Attorney Turned Dealer is Globe Collectors’ Go-to Guy

The thrill of a find led George Glazer to quit his coporate-law job and turn his antique-hunting hobby into a career.  In 1993, he opened his gallery on new York’s Upper East Side; it has since become a haunt for globe collectors such as Chicago’s Barry MacLean, CEO of MacLean-Fogg (who owns upward of 50 antique globes), and retired Dallas venture capitalist James Silcock (70 globes), plus institutional customers such as the Library of Congress.  Glazer’s offerings range from pocket globes to celestial and Ptolemaic ones.  The big prize: an 18th-century British floor globe, which sold for $65,000 in 2011.  Says Silcock, “It’s a niche hobby, but they’re works of art.”

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