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2011, Prop Rental, Business US Virgin Islands Premiere Issue Magazine Cover

Business USVI
Magazine cover
Photograph by Jeffrey Denke
Graphic design by Robin Downes
Premiere Issue, November 2011

A globe from the George Glazer Gallery decorates the cover of the premiere issue of BusinessUSVI, a magazine published in the US Virgin Islands by the Virgin Island Daily News.

The magazine features “the determination and ingenuity that have launched and built many of the businesses that are integral parts of our islands’ economic backbone.”

The magazine’s designer wrote to the gallery and said:

I am sending you these copies of BusinessUSVI which I designed over the last year. it is the first issue of this magazine and I am indebted to you for the use of your beautiful globe and Jeff’s incredible photography.

I had intended to use this shot for layout purposes but the editor loved it and wanted to use it for the cover […]

Please accept this note and magazines as a HUGE THANK YOU for allowing me to feature your globe on my cover.

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