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2008, Shopping Feature, Art and Antiques, Objects of Desire: World View

Art & Antiques
“Objects of Desire: World View”
by Nick Obourn with photos by Ted Morrison
October 2008, pp. 26-27

Art & Antiques ran a two-page spread featuring our Bauer Earth and Its Inhabitants miniature globe, and this description:

While maps are limited to telling the two-dimensional tale of the world, globes have for centuries provided a more interactive experience.  That’s exactly the case with a rare item titled Earth and Its Inhabitants at the George Glazer Gallery in New York.  At first glance, the piece appears to be nothing but a colorful lidded box.  Lift the lid, however, and inside are a small globe and a folding accordion of 56 cards, hand-painted with images of people of various nationalities in their native costumes.

“This might have been designed as a novelty for the whole family, with the idea that the parents and children would enjoy it together,”  says George Glazer, the gallery’s owner.  Designed by Nuremberg globe-maker Carl Johann Sigmund Bauer in the mid-19th century, the set also suggests the curiosity that prevailed in Europe at the time.  It is “an indication of interest in the world as an international entity with a diversity of people,” Glazer says.

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