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2002, Radio Interview, Common Ground – Radio’s Weekly Program of World Affairs

Common Ground – Radio’s Weekly Program of World Affairs
“Spinning the Globe”
Keith Porter, Interviewer
Originally Broadcast February 5, 2002

George was interviewed Keith Porter, co-host of this nationally-syndicated radio program produced by the Stanley Foundation, in a segment approximately 15 minutes long called “Spinning the Globe.” Highlights of the conversation include a discussion about how political and economic perspectives influence what information is included on a globe, and suggestions on how to figure out the approximate date of an old globe. Read a transcript of the entire interview. Excerpt below:

Keith Porter: I think that we hear so much here at the start of the 21st century about globalization. But you see a globe like this [“News of the World Business Globe” from the 1930s] and you recognize it as a concept that really has deep roots.

George Glazer: Yes. I think people thought of a lot of these things earlier. The concepts of internationalization of the world, globalization. And they were excited in the 1920s and the ’30s with the idea of the shrinking world and how it all would become accessible, because that was a new concept at the time…But these globes relate, as I said, to transportation and also to communications. You’ll see the Atlantic cable…which was in the 19th century, they put a cable between Europe and the Northeast for communications. And these were very exciting concepts at the time-that you could communicate with Europe relatively quickly. And they were new concepts. Now we take a lot of these for granted.

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