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1998, Interview with George Glazer, Elle Decor

Elle Decor
“Global Impact”
By Kendall Cronstrom
Photos by Paula Bullwinkel
August-September 1998

George shares his philosophy of collecting and insights into what drives a collector in this interview. Some excerpts:

On collecting as opposed to dealing:

“A lot of people won’t deal in something that they collect, and I certainly collect things other than globes. A dealer is by nature a collector, but he’s a collector who sells his collection. Most people who collect over time eventually find themselves dealing in some way. The temptation to buy becomes overwhelming, so you start selling.”

What defines a collection:

“When the pieces you have work together so that the whole is more important than the individual parts…You have to be instinctively drawn to the area of collecting– you can’t just pick something. And you have to steer away from bargain-hunting–oftentimes purported ‘bargains’ are illusory. If you’re a globe collector and you find one with a valentine on it for $2, buy it. It’s fine. But if you’re buying a mid-19th-century table globe by Joslin, you need to know what you’re doing. You don’t want to just junk up your collection.”

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