English/European Globe Guide

This section shows a variety of British and European globes to serve as a general guide. As a group they tell the history of those globes and provide information for collectors. Included are:

• Globes that are currently for sale from George Glazer Gallery. These are also shown in other categories on our website. These generally have a price listed, though some are price on request.

• Globes that we have reserved for future sale to be sold as part of a large highly important globe collection. These are indicated as “Reserved.”

• Globes that we have sold — an archive. These are labeled “Sold.” (See also Archive of Globes sold prior to 2017.) See also Archive of Globes sold prior to 2017.

To learn more about globes, consult our Collecting Q & A, Glossary of Globe Terminology, and Guide to Globe Makers.

For further information about any of the globes here, contact the gallery.

All text and pictures are copyright of George Glazer Gallery.

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