Featured Sale Items – Going Over the Fine Print(s)

This issue of our monthly newsletter gives new meaning to the phrase "going over the fine print" with an array of examples of the art of printmaking dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries! The subjects include equestrian demonstrations by knights in armor in the court of Louis XIII, intricate Rococo allegories of the Four Elements by German master Johann Baumgartner, etched views of Rome from Piranesi's famous series, and rich mezzotint engravings after Rubens of the philosophers Socrates and Cicero.

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Sale prices in effect through April 20, 2019.


Choose from our selection of jousting and dressage prints by Crispijn de Passe II from one of the classic works of the 17th century on the art of riding. Antoine de Pluvinel, the author of the work, was the instructor for Louis XIII of France and the prints illustrate a dialogue between master and pupil. Regularly $900 each, sale price $800. More information.


Four Rococo engravings after the Austrian artist Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner, present Allegories of the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in highly elaborate baroque illustrations incorporating dramatic events, fanciful architecture and a mixture of contemporary and allegorical figures within landscape settings. Above are shown the full print of Fire with details of Water, Air and Earth. The complex illustrations portray both the beneficial and destructive aspects of each element, while illustrations of patron saints and inscriptions remind the viewer of the consolation provided by religious faith in times of natural disasters. Regularly $6,000, sale price $5,400. More information.


Over the past couple of months we've added several Piranesi etchings to our website from his popular Vedute di Roma, picturesque views of Rome. They were first published in the mid 18th century, and subsequently reissued; both of the ones offered here are from editions published in Paris in the first half of the 19th century.

The first view shows the imposing Pyramid of Gaius Cestius in Rome with the tower of the Porta San Paolo in the distance. As is characteristic of Piranesi, the site is shown in a contemporary 18th century context, with tourists and two goat herders with a small flock in front of the pyramid. regularly $2,350, sale price $2,100. More information.

Also offered is the title page of Vedute di Roma, with the words inscribed on a trompe l’oeil antique Roman stone tablet set at an angle. In the foreground is a landscape vignette with Baroque garden follies decorated with Roman motifs. Regularly $2,600, sale price $2,350. More information.


From a series of 12 portraits portraying ancient Greek and Roman writers and philosophers we offer two prints after drawings by the master painter Peter Paul Rubens: Socrates and Cicero. The rich mezzotint engravings were published in London in the early 18th century. Regularly $475 each, sale price $425. More information:
Socrates | Cicero