Our Store Windows

Here are some of the window and garden displays we've arranged at our East 94th Street storefront in Manhattan.
Contact us if you're interested in purchasing any of the items shown here.

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1 Summer 2014 Garden Our Back Garden 2014-08outdoorgroup.jpg 2014-08outdoorgroup-2.jpg
2 Summer 2014 detail Detail 2014-08windowdet1.jpg 2014-08windowdet1-2.jpg
3 Summer 2014 Full view 2014-08window.jpg 2014-08window-2.jpg
4 Halloween 2014 Detail Trippensee tellurian and phrenology head. 2014-10windowdet6.jpg 2014-10windowdet6-2.jpg
5 Halloween 2014 Detail Traveler's souvenir kit for warding off vampires, with a magnifying lens and skull model. 2014-10windowdet5.jpg 2014-10windowdet5-2.jpg
6 Halloween 2014 Detail Mannequin hand. 2014-10windowdet4.jpg 2014-10windowdet4-2.jpg
7 Halloween 2014 Detail Model hands and a hand-shaped sconce. 2014-10windowdet3.jpg 2014-10windowdet3-2.jpg
8 Halloween 2014 Detail Skeleton marionette on a miniature butcher's delivery bicycle. 2014-10windowdet2.jpg 2014-10windowdet2-2.jpg
9 Halloween 2014 Detail Robert Mueller watercolor of autumn leaves, Bucretius skulls and Albertus Seba frog and cobra prints. 2014-10windowdet1.jpg 2014-10windowdet1-2.jpg
10 Halloween 2014 Full view 2014-10windowfull.jpg 2014-10windowfull-2.jpg
11 Holiday 2014 Interior 2014-12holidayinterior.jpg 2014-12holidayinterior-2.jpg
12 Holiday 2014 Detail Detail 2014-12holidaydet3.jpg 2014-12holidaydet3-2.jpg
13 Holiday 2014 Detail Detail 2014-12holidaydet2.jpg 2014-12holidaydet2-2.jpg
14 Holiday 2014 Detail Detail 2014-12holidaydet1.jpg 2014-12holidaydet1-2.jpg
15 Holiday 2014 Full view 2014-12holidayfull.jpg 2014-12holidayfull-2.jpg
16 Summer 2015 Full view 2015-08outdoorgroup.jpg 2015-08outdoorgroup-2.jpg
17 Halloween 2015 Detail Detail of model hands 2015-10windowhands.jpg 2015-10windowhands-2.jpg
18 Halloween 2015 Detail Detail of phrenology heads 2015-10window-det2.jpg 2015-10window-det2-2.jpg
19 Halloween 2015 Full view 2015-10window.jpg 2015-10window-2.jpg