April in Paris Evening
Exhibit of Paris-Themed Prints by George Glazer Gallery
Lotos Club, New York City
April 29, 2015

Manhattan's Lotos Club was decorated with prints and views from the George Glazer Gallery for its April in Paris party. We showed prints and views of Paris, Moulin Rouge costume designs by Noury, a fan-shaped map of the 1900 Paris Exposition and portraits of Napoleon. The lively event including roaming entertainers, such as the accordion player who paused in front of our prints (below).

Lotos Club sign Lotos Club Display

Above left: Banner for our display at the Lotos Club. Above right: On the wall behind the accordion player is a large 18th-century view of Paris by Werner. Beside him on the easel is a lithograph of Napoleon on horseback after Carle Vernet.

Lotos Club Display Lotos Club Display

Above left: Moulin Rouge costume design by Noury and a fan-shaped map of the 1900 Paris world's fair. Above right: George holds a lithograph portrait of Napoleon from the 1820s. On the easel to his right is a large print of King Louis XVI's final address after being arrested by radicals during the French Revolution and a smaller portrait of Napoleon.