New York Times "House & Home" Section
House Proud: Four Experiments in Little Living
September 19, 2002, pp. F1, F6
New York Times clipping
D.D. Allen article
D.D. Allen article

In an article about New York interior designer D.D. Allen's four residences, George Glazer Gallery was cited as being where Ms. Allen obtained her vintage models of lighthouses and photographs of sail boats.

The Gallery is pleased to be a source for many famous architects, interior designs, and interior decorators in New York City, the United States, and from other countries.

Items purchased from the George Glazer Gallery were pictured in this article by David Colman, spotlighting the living spaces that the prominent interior designer D.D. Allen has designed for herself. The article explains that while Ms. Allen and her partner are known for designing large projects, including the layout of Gwyneth Paltrow's Greenwich Village town house, she herself prefers to maintain four homes in different cities, each one a small space with a few carefully chosen furnishings. Accompanying the photos of her Duxbury, Massachusetts, residence was the caption, "Ms. Allen used items with lighthouse themes, most found at George Glazer ( and at Ann-Morris (trade only)."

Photos by Roger Davies and Pep Escoda.

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