Connectictut Cottages & Gardens
"Jane Capellini Creates the Perfect Union of Modern and Traditional"
by David Masello
Photography by Keith Scott Morton
November 2013

Interior designer Jane Capellini of Essex, Connecticut, chose sepia-printed plants from the George Glazer Gallery to decorate a home for a couple in Greenwich, Connecticut. One had lived in a home decorated with plaids and florals, the other preferred a spare, contemporary look: "'My job was to bring these two aesthetics together,' says Capellini, 'to go "transitional," with a mix of modern and traditional.'"

The article was also published online at Connecticut Cottages & Gardens web site.

Sepia-printed fern prints on the wall

A set of four antique sepia-printed plant prints from the George Glazer Gallery complement a modern decor in this Greenwich home (2nd row center above).

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