Designer's Choice
Bergdorf Goodman's Department Store
April 2006
Bergdorf window

Items from the George Glazer Gallery were borrowed for the store windows of Bergdorf Goodman's department store on New York City's Fifth Avenue during the week of the Easter Parade. Spring fashions were artfully combined with antique globes, planetary models and celestial prints.

Many of these items, or ones like them, are available for sale; search our site.

Globes and Planetaria
Globes in Bergdorf window

Clockwise from upper left:

Trippensee Tellurian
American: c. 1910.

The Tiny Planetarium
Chicago: 1931. Sold.

12-Inch Handmade Celestial Globe
American: c. 1950s to 1960s. Sold.

Coronelli Style Ptolemaic Armillary Sphere
Italy: 20th C. Sold.

Left and Below:
Pair of George Philip Globe Bookends London: c. 1950s.

Globe bookends
Bergdorf window with globes
Bergdorf window with painting

Above and below:
Outer Atmosphere by Helen Glazer, American: 1992, acrylic on rotating panel.

Right, upper left corner,
and below center:
Replogle 12-Inch Lunar GlobeChicago, Illinois: c. 1969.

Right, lower right corner, and below right:
Yaggy Planetary
System Chart

Chicago: 1887. Sold.

Bergdorf window with globe and telescope
Outer Atmosphere painting Replogle Lunar Globe Yaggy planetary print

Right: Large Hour Glass
Blond wood, c. 1940s, 23.75 inches high.

Below, with detail below left:
Revolution Annuelle De La Terre
Hand-colored engraving, Paris: 1854.

Detail of Andriveau engraving Bergdorf window with print