Exhibit at the Seven Seas, Nantucket
Summer 2004

The George Glazer Gallery exhibited antique globes, maps and works of art at The Seven Seas galleries, 46 Centre Street in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The exhibit, from mid July through September 2004, was presented by Vanessa Noel and Bruce Lazarus.

In ancient times, the Seven Seas referred to the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and the Red, Black, Adriatic and Caspian Seas. Today, it is synonymous with world travel and exploration among the principal themes of the art and antiques offered by George Glazer Gallery.

The Seven Seas

Left: A world map shares a shelf with a Trippensee tellurian. Above them, a print of a dolphin by Bloch.

Right: Natural history prints by Georg Knorr decorate the wall behind an antique telescope.

Coinciding with the opening reception of the Seven Seas exhibition, the Nantucket Historical Association held their antiques show. Below are photos taken at the NHA preview party.

Above left: Leigh and Leslie Keno, antiques experts and co-hosts of the PBS show Find!, with George Glazer and Vanessa Noel at the Nantucket Historical Association reception.

Above right: 7 Seas exhibit organizers Vanessa Noel and Bruce Lazarus at the NHA reception, joined by Sarah Shinn Pratt.

Photos ©George Glazer Gallery 2004.

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