Tuftonia: The Magazine of Tufts University
Up Close: George Glazer
Summer 1997, p. 28

A graduate of Tufts University, George was the subject of a profile appearing in the alumni magazine, Tuftonia. Some excerpts below:

George Glazer in Tuftonia article

“George Glazer…doesn’t mind if New York Magazine classes him among the city’s leading ‘cool, quirky antique dealers.’  It comes with the territory when your specialty is terrestrial and celestial globes.

“The largest dealer in American globes in the United States, Glazer says antique globes have a centrifugal force of their own.  ‘As reflections of human history in the larger context of the universe, they are a fitting foundation for an art and antiques business.  Some people see them strictly as decorative, but I am always looking with a strong historical interest, too….’

“In 1993 Glazer opened his own gallery, where his appreciation for historical context is carried out in the shop’s eclectic and informal design.  He has fashioned his Upper East Side gallery after a Victorian ‘curiosity cabinet,’ where some 150 American globes rest at ease among antique prints, astronomical charts, color-plate books and period library furniture…He enjoys bringing a wide appreciation of globes to his clients, and ultimately, seeks to preserve them in his clients’ personal collections and in museums.  In time, he hopes antique globes will no longer be the narrow enjoyment of a few, but of all who seek a connection with the earth, history and ourselves.

“‘Globes encompass everything about us, they’re a merging of art and science,’ he says.  ‘In its basic geometric form, the three-dimensional sphere is a very primal way of seeing, touching and thinking about the earth and our humanity.  And, we can spin it to fantasize about where we’d like to travel, or simply to connect to where we’re from...'"

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