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Global Warming: Collector's Are Cozying Up to the Notion of Gathering Globes
Beth Harwell • March 1999
Global Warming - Dallas Home Living, March 1999

"A globe has an unusual drawing power, appealing to us on so many levels. "A globe is an interesting object," says George Glazer, owner of the George Glazer Gallery in New York City and authority on antique globes. "The shape, design and wording of the globe itself has decorative appeal, but it also lures anyone with interest in history, geography, politics, astronomy, travel, genealogy, exploration or science. It's an unusual object in that it has content, like a piece of artwork or a book..."

"Glazer, whose gallery offers antique globes ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars compares investing in globes to that of stocks. 'You pick a globe and guess its value and where it will go,' says Glazer...George also observes that

"'Globes are rapidly increasing in value almost before my eyes; however, the globe market isn't as efficient as the stock market.'"

"Glazer advises globe collectors and investors to buy the best quality globe for the money. For a collectible antique globe, expect to pay at least $400 to $500. For $2000, you can purchase a significant piece. For a rare globe as much as $8,000. 'As with any investment, you should buy in good condition, educate yourself on the subject, price the market and compare the merchandise,' says Glazer."

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