About the Inventory Viewer
The Inventory Viewer is designed to display multiple items in our inventory. Here's how it works:

• Click on thumbnail image or list item at left to view enlargement and caption at right.
• Sort the thumbnail images or list items in ascending or descending order by clicking the text links or gray "Sort" buttons (if provided).

Known Browser Issues
Windows Internet Explorer 6: Clicking on "next" and "last" links -- on the pages that have them -- will not work, and other formatting may look a bit off. To fix these problems, we recommend that PC users download Firefox or update to Internet Explorer 8 (available at Microsoft.com). Not only will our Inventory Viewer work perfectly, but these are much more secure browsers than IE6, making your PC less vulnerable to attacks by spyware and hackers.
Windows Internet Explorer 8: There is a "Compatibility View" button meant for pages designed for older browsers. You want that turned off, or you may see formatting problems such as text running out of the bottom of a box. If you're not sure whether it's on or off, look in the Tools menu and make sure Compatibility View is not checked.

• The Inventory Viewer uses Javascript. You must enable Javascript or active content in your browser. No cookies or software are being downloaded to your computer. If you have any concerns, read our Privacy Policy.
• The Viewer will display on up-to-date operating systems and browsers for the PC and the Mac, but may not display properly on older ones.
• Report problems with the Viewer to webmaster@georgeglazer.com. Please tell us what browser and operating system you are using (e.g. Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7) and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred.