Geographia 6-Inch Terrestrial Globe
London: 1923

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6-inch Terrestrial Table Globe detail: top
detail: US detail: cartouche
Geographia, Ltd.
6-inch Terrestrial Table Globe
Geographia, Ltd., 55 Fleet Street, E.C. 4, London: 1923
Turned wooden base
12.5 inches high, 4.5 inches diameter base
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Attractive small terrestrial desk globe on turned wooden stand, by Geographia London, dated 1923. The extent of the British Empire shaded red.

The terrestrial globe in uncalibrated metal half-meridian, with small brass finials and wood separator disks at each pole, raised on turned brown-painted wooden stand with central baluster and dish base. British Empire shaded red. Additional shading in faded yellow, blue and green, with some outline color. Oceans color is a faded olive green.

Geographia, Ltd. was a prolific publisher of globes and atlases in the second quarter of the 20th century.

Oval Cartouche: "GEOGRAPHIA"/ 6 INCH/ TERRESTRIAL GLOBE/ Railways/ Steamer route distances in Sea-miles./ Heights in English Feet/ British Possessions Red/ GEOGRAPHIA (1923) Ltd 55 FLEET STR. LONDON E.C. 4