Fine and Rare Wilson Table Globe
19th Century

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13-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe

detail: cartouche

detail: U.S.A.
detail: top view

detail: South America
(above) Restorations in South America region noted in condition report.

James Wilson/ Cyrus Lancaster
13-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
Cyrus Lancaster, Albany, New York: 1845
18.5 inches high, 17.5 inches in diameter
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The terrestrial globe surmounted by brass hour pointer, within a calibrated full brass meridian, the horizon band with engraved paper calendar and zodiac (including illustrations of zodiac figures), raised on a hard-wood dark-stained stand with four turned legs joined by X-form cross stretchers, ending in top-form feet.

Geographic entities in tones of cream, green, blue, pink, yellow and additionally with some broad olive green outlining and thin pink outlining. Oceans cream color.

"N'th West Territ'y" is shown north of Illinois. West of Mississippi are "Missouri, Ark-An-Sas, Louisiana." Large western territorial expanses called "Iowa Terr., Miss. Terr. (abbreviation for Missouri Territory), and Ore. Territ'y." Texas shown extending far north, likely as a republic. Southwest United States including Utah and large portions of California separately shaded but not named. Alaska is "Russian America."

Tracks of great explorers are shown including de la Perouse, Vancouver, Cook, etc. Winds or currents shown in oceans with arrows (having point and feather tail). Printed polar hour circle, figure-8 analemma.

A James Wilson globe should be the cornerstone of any major collection. Read more about him in our Guide to Globe Makers.

Circular Cartouche: Engraved portrait of Lady Liberty and American eagle with a ribbon bearing the slogan "e pluribus unum" in its mouth -- "WILSON'S/ NEW AMERICAN THIRTEEN INCH/ TERRESTRIAL GLOBE,/ Exhibiting with the greatest possible Accuracy,/ THE POSITIONS OF THE PRINCIPAL KNOWN/ PLACES OF THE EARTH;/ With the Tracks of various Circumnavigations together with/ New Discoveries and Political Alterations down to/ The present PERIOD: 1845/ By CYRUS LANCASTER, ALBANY, N.Y./"


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