3-Inch Terrestrial Pocket Globe in Celestial Case
Newton, London: c. 1800

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globe with open case
3-Inch Terrestrial Pocket Globe in Celestial Case
London: c. 1800
Provenance: The Richard and Marion Herman Collection of Collections: Dolls, Toys, Americana & Collectibles
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A pocket globe, of typical form, the terrestrial globe with engraved and hand colored gores, having axis pins at the poles, set within a spherical conforming case, one concave hemisphere with applied engraved paper celestial chart of the Northern Sky, the other with the Southern Sky, the case covered on the outside with black fishskin, the rims of the case painted red, and closing with two brass hooks and eyes.

Geographic entities and figures in celestial chart colored in tones of pink, green, red, blue, yellow, gray. Geographic entities pink, yellow, green, some with thick outline. Oceans colored green, with currents indicated by arrows, and with the tracks of explorers noted.

The Newton family of cartographers were among the leading English globe makers of the early 19th century, producing floor standing, table, and pocket globes under various names. For more information see our Guide to Globe Makers.

Rococo Cartouche: A NEW/ Terrestrial/ GLOBE/ by J. Newton/ 1800

Full publication information: Newton, 66 Chancery Lane, London