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These items are sold.  They have been placed here in our online archives as a service for researchers and collectors.


Tripp Tellurian

Trippensee Tellurians
American: c. 1910
Maple or ebonized arms
Various shown

Felkl tellurian

Tellurian Orrery
c. 1890s

Rath Brass Tellurian

Brass Tellurian
c. 1920s

Felkl and Sons Geared Tellurian, used on the Martha Stewart TV show

Geared Tellurian
Late 19th C.
Shown on the Martha Stewart TV show

Jan Felkl and Sons, Large Geared Tellurian

Jan Felkl & Sons
Large Geared Tellurian
Prague: c. 1900

Hubbard Universal Planetarium

Universal Planetarium American: c. 1960s

French Tellurian

French Tellurian
3rd Quarter 19th C.

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Felkl orrery

c. 1890s

Holbrook Orrery

c. 1850s

Orrery-tellurian and box

William Jones
Orrery & Tellurian
A New Portable Orrery
London: Early 19th C.


Garden Arm

Garden Armillary
c. 1930's

Delamarche Ptolemaic Armillary

C.F. Delamarche Ptolemaic Armillary Sphere Paris: Mid 19th C.

Felkl Wire Armillary

Jan Felkl & Son 13-Inch Armillary Sphere
Prague: 1890s

Bryant Celestial Indicator

Celestial Armillary

French Armillary Sphere

French Copernican Armillary Sphere
c. Early 19th C.

Armillary Sphere

Armillary Sphere
Italian: c. 1900

Copenican Armillary Sphere

Copernican Armillary Sphere
American import:
Late 20th C.
Chrome and brass

Collecting Planetary Models & Items for Sale

George Glazer with Martha Stewart, Collecting Tellurians and Orrerries

Collecting Tellurians and Orreries
Interview with George on collecting tellurians and orreries by Martha Stewart, 2002

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Martha Stewart with George Glazer, Collecting Celestials

Star Spangled Globes
Interview with George on collecting celestial globes and maps by Martha Stewart, 2001

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