Zoological Chart - Fike's Charts of the Sciences
A. H. Andrews & Co., Chicago: 1890

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Zoological Chart, Fike's Chart of the Sciences
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L.W. Fike (after)
Zoological Chart  -- Fike’s Concentric
Charts of the Sciences
A. H. Andrews & Co., Chicago: 1890
Hand-colored lithograph
35.5 inches square, overall
Sold, please inquire as to the availability of similar items.

Circular chart of animal kingdom nomenclature showing divisions into phylum [shown as Branches], class, order, sub-order, and family.  The chart is encircled by small illustrations of animals, roughly, though not always exactly, corresponding to their position on the chart.  The divisions are colored in shades of pink, yellow, blue, and green.

A.H. Andrews, a clerk for the Holbrook family of globe makers, traveled to Chicago to begin his own globe business in the early 1860s.  A major part of the company's business became the sale of globes and other educational materials and supplies to schools.  A.H. Andrews & Co. was succeeded by C.F. Weber & Co. at the turn of the century, and then by Weber Costello Company about 1907.

Applied Label:  PUBLISHED/ BY/ A.H. ANDREWS Y CO.,/ MANUFACTURERS OF/ School Apparatus and Supplies,/ 215-221 WABASH AVENUE,/ CHICAGO, U.S.A./ Copyright 1899 by L.W. Fike.

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