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These items are sold.  They have been placed here in our online archives as a service for researchers and collectors.


Waldorf Hat Show

Hat Show at the Waldorf Hotel

Le Chapeau de la Femme a la Chasse

Le Chapeau de la Femme à la Chasse

Asia Costume Book

Asian Costumes
Colorplate Book

Madrid: 1784

American Wigs

And America Also Receives
the Latest Styles

Late 18th C.

 Pair of Illustrations

Pair of Original

c. 1900
Pen and ink

Yellow Suit With Daisies, No. 825 and Il Velo Dipiuto [Painted Veil], No. 935

Pair of Fashion Designs
c. Late 1940s

Glove Print

Gloves for Every Season
c. 1940s-50s

Theater & Dance Costumes

Foot Clowns

Don Foote
Ringling Bros. Circus Clown Costume Designs

American: 1971

Hartnell painting

Norman Hartnell
Art Nouveau Costume Design
British: 20th C.

Art Deco Exotic Woman's Costume Design

Paul-René Larthe
Art Deco
Ballet Costume

French: 1930s


Freddy Wittop
Helene Broadway Costume
c. 1960s

On a Clear Day

Freddy Wittop
On a Clear Day Broadway Costume
c. 1965

Madame Vestris, British Actress

Madame Vestris
as Apollo
2nd Quarter 19th C.
Hand-colored engraving

Putnam Boston Theatre

Putnam Boston Theatre Poster Design
c. 1922

Original Costume Designs for Carousel

Miles White
Costumes for Carousel
American: c. 1945
Pen and ink, watercolor

Erte Book

Art and Costume Design Book
Parma: 1972

Military Uniforms

Challenor Illustrations

Jack Challenor
Army Uniforms

Pair of drawings
c. 1910s
Pencil and gouache

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