Business, Banking, & Finance Playing Cards
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Finance Playing Card Finance Playing Card
Finance Playing Card Finance Playing Card
Collection of 10 Card Games Relating to Business, Banking, and Finance
American: c. 1898-c. 1940
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1. World Banking Game, W.B.G. Publishing Co. (Alice Chapman), 1938: 192 color cards include dollar denominations and title cards ("Teller, President, etc."), instruction booklet, and "Ode to the Dollar" poem affixed inside the box cover.

2. Competition, or Department Store, Flinch Card Co. (MI), 1904: invented by Elizabeth Magie, the creator of The Landlord's Game, which became Monopoly. 107 cards (playing card size) plus red and white cardboard discs, instruction sheet; card back shows items in department store, including checkerboard, meal, eggs, etc.; box is plain with title/company and glued-on card showing card back.

3. Panic, Panic Card Co. (Detroit, MI & Topeka, KS), 1903: 64 cards show resources (copper, steel, gas, sugar, etc.) or railroads or elevated railway companies (Atchison, Manhattan, Burlington, others); card back is intricate floral and geometric design.

4. Trusts and Busts, or Frenzied Finance, Optimus Printing Co. (194 Broadway, NY), 1904: 86 cards include large cards with numbers and words regarding what wins, and small cards showing conditions or actions, such as "slump," "high spread," "long," or "call"; instruction sheet.

5. Make-A-Million, Parker Bros. (Salem, MA), 1934 (copyright Geo. S. Parker, 1934): "Pocket Edition" is in a heavy card box slipcase with photo on two sides showing hands holding cards; 55 cards show number or dollar values; bulls and bears cards, plus tiger joker; instruction booklet.

6. Trix, Read & White Game Co. (Bloomington, IL), 1903: large deck of number cards similar to Flinch, blue card back has title and ornamental design; photocopy of 34-page instruction booklet.

7. Thrift, Russell Mfg. Co. (Leicester, MA), c. 1940: 28 of 31 cards with red and B&W illustrations and text related to saving; wrap-around card box; cards are in pairs. This Old Maid, style game has the "Spend Thrift" as the odd card.

8. Coins, The Coin Card Co. (Water Valley, MS, & Memphis, TN), c. 1922: 52 cards with drawings of coins, plus title card and instruction sheet; card back has design similar to U.S. paper money.

9. Gavitt's Stock Exchange, W.W. Gavitt Printing and Publishing Co. (Topeka, KS), 1904, with copyrights going back to 1896: 35 B&W cards include four railroad stocks (Pennsylvania, Rock Island, Santa Fe, and New York Central), and "The Fatal Telegram" card.

10. Keeping Store, J.H. Singer (NY), c. 1898: 20 product cards, in color, with such items as "A Jar of Quinces," "A Tennis Cap," "A Yard of Calico"; plus 44 small money cards ranging from 5 cents to one dollar; instruction sheet..

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