Featured Sale Items – Summer at the Beach

This month we head to the beach, starting with four rare mid-19th-century tinted lithograph views of the Virgin Islands when they were still the Danish West Indies. At the seashore, we gather sea shells and catch butterflies from Albertus Seba's famous 18th-century cabinet of curiosities. As dusk falls, we explore the starlit summer skies with a vintage Rand McNally celestial globe. Our sale items also include two engravings of mythological scenes after the Mannerist painter Hendrick Goltzius featuring a centaur and a dragon.

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Availability of items below subject to prior sale.

Sale prices in effect through August 15, 2018.


Four lithograph views of what are now the U.S. Virgin Islands, but were then the Danish West Indies (shown left and below). These images were published by Emilius Baerentzen in Copenhagen in 1856 as part of a lithographic tour of the Danish empire, and are among the very few pictures of these places from such an early date. Shown above are views of St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas. Regularly $2,400, set of 4; sale price $2,150. More information.

Virgin Islands view
Virgin Islands view
Virgin Islands view


Prints of a variety of seashells arranged in artful compositions (four of the five available shown above). The engravings combine scientific observation and aesthetic appreciation of the shells’ intricate patterns and their forms, which range from smooth to spiky. They are from the premiere 18th-century collector’s cabinet of natural history, assembled by Albertus Seba. Regularly $975 each, sale price $875 each. More information.

Seba Butterflies Plate 14
Seba Butterflies Plate 15
Seba Butterflies Plate 31

Prints of a variety of butterflies arranged in artful compositions, also from Albertus Seba's collector's cabinet. Each engraving records the wings of the butterflies with scientific precision in a display emphasizing the beauty of their forms and patterns. Some also include caterpillars. From left: Plates 14 and 15 regularly $600 each, sale price $550 each; Plate 31 regularly $800, sale price $725. More information.


Scan the starlit summer skies with the aid of this Rand McNally 9-Inch Celestial Globe on a Bakelite stand from the 1950s. Constellations are shown in light blue outline as mythological figures and other formations against a midnight blue background, and stars of various magnitudes, clusters and nebulae are also indicated. Regularly $850, sale price $750. More information.


Goltzius, Apollo Giving Aesculapius to Chiron from Ovid, Metamorphoses
Goltzius, The Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus from Ovid, Metamorphoses

Two Old Master early 17th-century engravings after Hendrick Goltzius, illustrating scenes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, a classic and influential literary work from Roman antiquity: Apollo Giving Aesculapius to Chiron (above left) and The Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus (above right). Both depict legends of the Roman gods in the fluid and masterful Dutch Mannerist style for which Goltzius is known. Regularly $775 each, sale price $700 each. More information.