Featured Sale Items – Big Hair, Big Flowers, Big Birds & High Energy

We get ready for Fall Fashion Week by looking back to the 18th century, when the pouf was all the rage and chic women took their style cues from prints like the ones shown below. We also are offering an endearing caricature of a French "dog barber." We enjoy the last flowers of summer with a set of lush 18th-century Italian botanical prints that will enliven any wall. Then we go birdwatching with popular ornithological artist John A. Ruthven, featuring his meticulously produced aquatints of the ivory-billed woodpecker and the Eastern wild turkey. We also offer one of those unusual items that George has a knack for finding — a Modernist poster of a nuclear reactor designed by a Czech artist in 1959.

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Availability of items below subject to prior sale.

Sale prices in effect through October 15, 2018.


18th century hairstyle print

Four fashion prints of towering pouf hairstyles and hats engraved in rich mezzotint by Johann Jacob Haid & Son in the late 18th century (shown above and left). The pouf was a flamboyant style that originated in the French court in the mid 1770s, first worn by trendsetters such as Marie Antoinette. Prints such as these popularized versions of the pouf for aspiring 18th-century fashionistas. Regularly $1,200 each; sale price $1,100. More information.



This gorgeous set of four exquisitely framed lively and highly decorative botanical prints with rich hand coloring are from Filippo Arena's work on flowers published in Italy in 1767. The treatment of the flowers is almost sculptural, emphasizing their rounded forms. This series of prints was intended to serve as scientific studies for botanists as well as guides for gardeners and horticulturists. They also served as inspiration for decorative arts designers. Regularly $5,900, set of 4; sale price $5,300. More information.


We've just added several limited edition aquatint prints of endangered or extinct species after wildlife painter John A. Ruthven. At left, a large print of a pair of ivory-billed woodpeckers facing each other perched on a sycamore tree, with a few twigs from an oak tree entering the composition from the right. Regularly $950, sale price $850. More information.

A large print of the eastern wild turkey, wings and tail spread, against the branch of an oak tree in late fall or winter, when leaves have turned brown and most have fallen. In the 1940s, the wild turkey was on the brink of extinction. Happily, through the efforts of conservationists the wild turkey population has recovered across the U.S. Regularly $875, sale price $800. More information.


Educational poster of a nuclear reactor, created for classroom use by the State Educational Publishing House of Czechoslovakia in 1959 and mounted on rollers. A relatively early depiction of what was then emerging "Atomic Age" technology, the perspective drawing shows a cutaway view of the reactor and a worker in coveralls and hardhat standing beside it for scale. The poster artist, Jiri Havlin, is still painting and exhibiting his landscapes. Regularly $1,200 sale price $1,100. More information.