The Benjamin F. Packard Ship
Vintage Photograph, New York: 1926
Packard Boat
Packard Boat The Benjamin F. Packard

The Benjamin F. Packard
New York: May 11, 1926
Black and white photographs
11 x 14 inches each, overall
Provenance:  Estate of James Carr
$600, set of three

Packard Boat

Collection of three photographs showing the Benjamin F. Packard, a square-rigged sailing ship, from different angles: full, fore and aft.  Named for one of its designers, it was built in 1883.  A large ship built for transporting cargo between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans around Cape Horn, it subsequently served as a “salmon packer,” transporting fisheries workers and equipment between Puget Sound and Alaska from 1908 to 1925.  The Packard was retired in 1927, one year after these photographs were taken.  Moved to Rye, New York, where it was an amusement park attraction, the ship sustained serious damage during the hurricane of 1938 and had to be scuttled.  However, portions of the elegantly appointed aftercabin were saved and later preserved at the Mystic Seaport museum in New London, Connecticut, where they are now on display.

Inscription on verso of full view:  “Silhouetted against clouds over the Hudson off 98th St the Benjamin F. Packard an old sailing vessel which was built over 50 years ago in Bath ME and is now being fitted as a training ship for the Junior Naval Reserve makes a pretty picture.”  Other two photographs with similar inscriptions.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall toning and wear, minor soiling, scratches.  Minor scattered wear and chips to edges, can be matted out.


“Benjamin F. Packard Cabin Watercraft Exhibit.”  Mystic Seaport. (23 August 2004).

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