Prints and Books: Monkeys
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Italian Prints of Monkeys

Giovanni Boschi
Prints from Atlante Zoologico Popolare
Petraroja, Naples:1863-79
Hand-colored lithographs
$450 to $750

Seligmann Monkey and Lemur Prints

Seligmann Monkey and Lemur Studies 1770-73

Peters Monkey Prints

Wilhelm Peters Monkey Studies 1852-82
$450, the pair

Madagascar Lemurs

Milne-Edwards & Grandidier (eds.)
John Gerrard Keulemans
Madagascar Lemurs
Paris: 1875-1897
Hand-colored lithographs
$375 each

Silvered Leaf Monkeys

Jules Dumont d'Urville
Silvered Leaf Monkey

Mid 19th C.


Natural History Monkey Studies Bologna: 1786-87
$3,600, set of 6

Audubert Monkeys and Lemurs

J.B. Audebert
Monkeys & Lemurs
Engravings, 1797
$450 to $950 each

Edwards Monkeys

George Edwards
$300 to $750 each

Cuvier Monkeys

St. Hilaire and Cuvier
$350 to $750 each

Brodtman Monkeys

Karl Joseph Brodtmann
Monkey Lithographs
German: 1830s
$750 each

Edmund Gorilla Print

Edmund Caldwell
Female Gorilla
British. c. 1896

Marechal Monkey Pair

Nicolas Maréchal
Mandrill and Rhesus Monkey from Menagerie of the National Museum
Miger and Renouard, Paris: 1801
Hand-colored etchings
$1,100, the pair

A Tiff in the Nursery

A Tiff in the Nursery
Mid 19th C.

E.F. McCabe: The Modern Tournament

E.F. McCabe
The Modern Tournament
Mid 19th C.
$900, the pair

Monkeys Musicians in Costumes

Monkey Musicians in Costume
English or Continental:
c. 19th C.
Engravings and collage
$2,600, the pair