Banana & Coconut Trees
Palm Tree Prints, c. 1930s
Coconut Tree Framed Banana Tree Framed
detail detail
Coconut Palm Tree, No 8546-C Banana Tree, No. 8546-A
Banana Tree, No. 8546-A
Coconut Palm Tree, No 8546-C

American: c. 1930s
Watercolor and gouache illustration board
20 x 13.5 inches each overall, average approximate size
16 x 11 inches each image
25 x 20 inches, framed
$3,750, the pair

Original art created to illustrate a book about the foods of the world, one depicting a banana tree and a man loading harvested bananas onto the back of a donkey, the other a coconut palm with a man fishing nearby. Both are full of incidental detail, for example, the orchid growing near the coconuts.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light toning, soiling, wear, faint scattered staining. Margins a bit worn, lightly bumped, but easily matted out. Overall very good for working illustration art.