Florida Beach Scene
Rene Clark Watercolor, c. 1920s
Rene Clark Florida Beach Scene
Rene Clark
Florida Beach Scene
American: c. 1920s
Watercolor on paper, unsigned
Notes verso: "Vintage Rene Clark - 1920's, #42, A99.19(b)"
10 x 14 inches
Provenance: Society of Illustrators, New York City

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A view of the Florida coast, with onlookers appearing on a beach observing a small boat near the horizon. The dark clouds and swaying palm trees indicate an approaching storm.

On the occasion of Rene Clark's exhibition at the Society of Illustrators in 1956, an article about him was published in the magazine American Artist, subtitled "An appreciation of an artist who, for more than forty years had a profound effect on advertising art and, over the same of years, has also practised [sic] independent painting in watercolor." The author of the article says of Clark's landscapes: "When he records a landscape in Florida, whether it is a scintillating view of water in daylight or a moody night scene, people are often part of it. This is somehow significant."

Condition: Generally very good, the colors bright, with only minor toning, wear, soft creases. Inventory number verso.

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