Fancy Ball Dresses
European and Asian Regional Costume Studies
Poland, No. 5

Poland, No. 5

Neapolitan, No. 8

Neapolitan, No. 8

Tyrolian, No. 10

Tyrolian, No. 10

Tartary-Tchouvache, No. 2

No. 27

Spain-Madrid, No. 28.

Spain-Madrid, No. 28

Persia, No. 30.

Persia, No. 30

L. Mansion
Regional Costume Studies
from Fancy Ball Dresses
W. Spooner, 259 Regent Street, London: c. 1831-32
Engelmann & Co., Lefevre & Co., or C. Hullmandel (printers)
Hand-colored lithographs
11 x 9 inches, image
15.25 x 12.75 inches, overall
$550 each
Available prints listed below. Many shown here -- jpegs of the others will be sent on request

Ragusa, No. 1
France, [Loire Inferieure], No. 2
North Holland, No. 3
Poland, No. 5
Neapolitan, No. 8
Saxony, No. 9
Tyrolian, No. 10

Upper Carniola, No. 11
Caucasus, No. 13
Archangel (Russia.) No. 15
Hungarian, No. 19
Italy - Villa Badisa, Matera - No. 21
Spain - Murcia, No. 22
Finland, No. 23

Asiatic Turkey. Diarbekir, No. 24
Russia. Noogorod, No. 25
Corfu, No. 26. Sold
Tartary-Tchouvache, No. 27 Sold
Spain-Madrid, No. 28
Tyrol-Zpllerthal, No. 29
Persia, No. 30

Series of prints, each showing a young woman in colorful native fancy ball dresses, often with elaborate headwear and/or accessories, posed in a natural scene. The various regions, throughout Europe and western Asia, are indicated in the lower margin. L. Mansion was both the original artist and lithographer.

L. Mansion and W. Spooner also collaborated on a series of military costume prints, which are a well-known and important source for those who study the history of military uniforms.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light overall toning, scattered foxing (mostly in the margins), and edge wear. Original color, heightened with gum Arabic, remarkably bright and well preserved.