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Claude Buy de Mornas, 1762
Buy de Mornas Atlas Title Page
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Atlas Title Page
God In Sky

Claude Buy de Mornas (author)
Atlas Title Page
from Atlas Historique et Geographique [Historical and Geographical Atlas]
Paris: 1762
Hand-colored engraving
15 x 21.75 inches, overall
13.25 x 19 inches, plate mark

Illustrated title page from a four-volume small folio atlas published in 1762. A number of toga-clad scholars converse and walk on the lawn of a classical building. The building is supported by Corinthian columns and features the statues of a number of figures both in its facade and along the roof. Two gods drive their chariots through the sky.

Since this picture shows various ancient scholars, it would make a nice college graduation gift.

Cartouche: "ATLAS/ HISTORIQUE ET GEOGRAPHIQUE,/ DÉDIÉ/ A Monsieur le Président HÉNAULT;/ PAR M. BUY DE MORNAS, Géographe du ROY de Monseigneur le DAUPHIN,/ ET DE MESSEIGNEURS LES COMTES DE PROVENCE ET D'ARTOIS./ A París, chez l'Auteur, rue S. Jacques, à côt´´ de S. Yves./ M.D.CC.LXII."

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light overall toning and faint staining, primarily to margins, easily matted out.