Martha Stewart Living
Originally Broadcast October 1999

Entertainment and home decorating expert, author and television host Martha Stewart has featured items from the Gallery and George himself on her TV program Martha Stewart Living. Watch the video online at

In a segment of the Martha Stewart Living television program broadcast in October 1999 and rerun in December, home decorating and entertainment author Martha Stewart visited the George Glazer Gallery for an entertaining demonstration of interesting, ingenious or unusual antique globes, including:

• The first dated American globe, 1811, by James Wilson, the father of American globe making
• Extremely rare Josiah Holbrook orrery
Geographic Educator Puzzle Globe
A slate globe and a hanging globe for teaching. Students could draw on the slate globe with chalk to test their geographic knowledge. The hanging globe was lowered by a cord from the ceiling for lessons.

George was also a guest on the show in 2001 and 2002. More information here.

Day of Martha Stewart shoot

Lights, camera, action! The gallery on the day of the Martha Stewart Living shoot.

Sepia-printed ferns

Martha Stewart occasionally borrowed items from the George Glazer Gallery to decorate the set of Martha Stewart Living, including these sepia-printed ferns.

George Glazer in his gallery with globes

George shows a small globe to Martha Stewart.

George Glazer in his gallery with globes

George awaits the start of filming beneath the hanging globe. The Holbrook orrery is on the right in front of the large globe.

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