February 2017 eNewsletter
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Follow Your Heart

This month we've followed our hearts and put a couple on sale a heart-shaped golf course marker and an Art Nouveau drawing of the Queen of Hearts as a chic turn-of-the-century blonde. Take a relief from winter -- two reliefs, in fact -- carved wooden plaques inspired by ancient Greece and Rome: an Art Deco charioteer and a neoclassical Medusa at sale prices. Meanwhile, how about showing that special someone she's all the world to you with a gift of one of our featured globes? This month we feature a fine 19th-century table globe with particularly interesting U.S. cartography and a 1930s model with an unusual stand.

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Have a Heart

Golf Heart Shaped Marker Golf Heart Shaped Marker

This unusual Heart-shaped Golf Course Marker has the number 7 painted on one side to mark the 7th Hole. The 8-inch-wide heart is mounted on an iron spike to be inserted in the ground. It is possible that a heart shape was selected for use on a golf course at a resort catering to honeymoon couples.

Regularly $400, sale price $350.
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This framed Art Nouveau playing card design for the Queen of Hearts shows a fashionable young woman with floral and vine design elements. Conte crayon and pencil, c. 1910, in a decorative black and gold frame with sgraffito gilt hearts in the corners (shown left with detail).

Regularly $1,400, sale price $1,000.
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Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts

Ancient Motifs in Reliefs

Roman Chariot Rider

A Roman Chariot Rider drives four galloping horses in this carved wooden plaque, measuring about four feet wide. The elongated horizontal composition, poses of the horses and the billowing cape contribute to an impression of rapid speed. The carving and stylization is in the Art Deco taste of the 1930s.

Regularly $950, sale price $850.
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Medusa Plaque

A finely carved mahogany oval plaque in the neoclassical taste depicts the head of Medusa. The classical goddess is shown facing front with two snakes in her hair, their tails intertwined under her chin. In ancient Greek mythology, Medusa was a human female monster with living venomous snakes in her hair. Her face was so terrible that all who beheld it turned to stone.

Regularly $475, sale price $400.
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You're All the World to Me

H.B. Nims 12-inch table globe

The H.B. Nims & Co. 12-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe on a turned maple stand shows the United States in the 1870s, before the boundaries of the Western states took their ultimate form and when Oklahoma was still called "Indian Territory." The globe is also labeled with tracks of the great explorers, submarine telegraph cables and historical notes.

Regularly $7,500,
"special someone" Valentine sale price $5,000.
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Rand McNally 12-inch terrestrial table globe

This 1930s Rand McNally 12-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe is mounted on an unusual mahogany stand with a compartment holding a world atlas. Shown by itself at left, and on a novelty side table in the form of a stack of antique books at right.

Globe regularly $1,300,
sale price $1,000.
Table regularly $750, sale price $600.
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Rand McNally 12-inch terrestrial table globe
Cruchley floor globe

Cary On (from our January eNewsletter)

George Frederick Cruchley was a map and globe engraver and publisher in London. He succeeded the renowned Cary family of globe makers in 1844 and continued producing fine globes under their name and his own until 1876. These two floor globes on fancy mahogany stands are from the 1860s: a 15-inch (left), regularly $43,000, sale price $34,500 and a 12-inch (right), regularly $17,500, sale price $14,000.

More information: 15-Inch | 12-Inch.

Cruchley floor globe

"Keep Insured" (from our January eNewsletter)

Map of New York City Map of New York City

Homestead Fire Insurance Company issued this Map of New York City as a promotional piece in the 1860s or '70s under the slogan "Keep Insured" (above left). The hand-colored lithograph wall map shows Manhattan from the Battery to the northern end of Central Park, along with a section of Brooklyn and Roosevelt Island. The map is decorated with engravings of the company's Nassau Street headquarters and a small illustration of firefighters putting out a blaze (above right).

Regularly $6,500, sale price $5,200.
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New York 200 Years Ago (from our January eNewsletter)

Map of New York City Map of New York City
Map of New York City

A fine, rare, and important Federal Period map of New York State with parts of the adjacent states by geographer John H. Eddy, considered one of the most beautiful and informative maps ever made of the region. Eddy completed the map in 1817 and it was published the following year. The cartography is shown in great detail, embellished with a finely engraved cartouche with the state seal. This large engraved map -- 39 x 44 inches -- has some original hand color and is backed on linen, dissected, and loose in a marbleized folder, as issued.

Regularly $3,200, sale price $2,550.
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New York History Imagined (from our January eNewsletter)

Elgin Botanical Garden

Elgin Botanic Garden [Later Site of Rockefeller Center]


Horse Racing, Long Island

These original paintings are from a series by the artist Frederick Elmiger imagining scenes from New York City's early history.

Regularly $1,800 or $2,400 each, sale price $1,450 or $1,900 each.

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George Washington and His Generals

George Washington Confers with His Generals at 43rd and Broadway

First Horse Race

Horse Racing, Long Island

Construction of Timber Wall at Wall Street

Construction of the Timber Wall at Wall Street

The Big Apple Part 1 (from our December eNews)

Apple by Paul Bellardo Kips Bay Brewing Tray

Ceramic sculpture of an apple (above left), from a well-known series by Paul Bellardo, who lived in New York City for several decades. He created the apples in a variety of forms and colors as a tribute to "the Big Apple" beginning in the late 1970s. The one offered here came fairly early in the series, in 1981 and is larger than life size.
Regularly $850, sale price $750.
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A sailboat with stacks of beer barrels sails down the East River on this Kips Bay Brewing Company tray (above right). The screen-printed metal tray was produced in New York between 1934 and 1947, when the brewery reopened after the end of Prohibition.
Regularly $900, sale price $800.
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The Big Apple Part 2 (from our December eNews)

Central Park Map

This long horizontal map of Central Park (above) shows its plan for redevelopment as of 1860. The map was probably based on the original 1858 pen and ink design of Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux's Greensward Plan for Central Park. It was published in an annual New York City government publication commonly referred to as Valentine's Manuals.

Regularly $800, sale price $725. More information.

Skating in the Moonlight (from our December eNews)

Skating in the Moonlight Moon print and plaque

Currier & Ives' Skating Scene — Moonlight (above left) shows a picturesque scene of skating couples on a lake surrounded by a pine forest beneath the full moon. This lithograph ranks number 19 out of the 50 best small folio Currier & Ives prints chosen by an expert panel of the American Historical Print Collectors Society in 1990.
Regularly $1,800, sale price $1,600. More information.

Framed woodblock print of Phases of the Moon from Smith's Illustrated Astronomy (above center), 1852.
Regularly $200, framed, sale price $175. More Smith's Astronomy prints (unframed).

Man in the Moon, gold-painted plaster (above right)
Regularly $250, sale price $225.