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Summer Beachcombing & Gardening

This month we're featuring specials from our redesigned web site, launched August 1st. We've converted it to a new design that improves the shopping experience and we've been busy adding new items including some of the ones below, perfect for decorating the summer beach or vacation home.

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Beach House

Fish and Shells painting

The gouache painting of five small fish and three open half shells (left) is by Harriet Lord, an artist closely associated with Nantucket who was active in the first half of the 20th century. In this composition, she skillfully captures the iridescence of the fish and shells.
Regularly $2,100, sale price $1,600.
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Long Island map
Navigator sign

The 1947 pictorial map of Long Island (above) is decorated with illustrations of people enjoying recreational activities and outdoor sports. There are also pictures representing other facets of Long Island life and history. The artist, Hank Schneider, was a prolific illustrator and celebrity photographer based in New York City and Long Island.
Regularly $1,750, sale price $1,500. More information.

For the boating enthusiast or collector of maps and globes, here is an unusual cast iron trade sign (above) spelling out "Navigator" in continuous script letters. It measures 39 inches wide and has screw holes for mounting, as originally fabricated.
Regularly $1,650, sale price $1,350. More information.

Garden Club 1

Cast iron rabbit

The vintage cast iron sculpture of a rabbit (left) makes a charming addition to the garden or sunroom.
Regularly $350, the pair; sale price $300.
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Art Deco pictorial map including Rye and Bedford, NY, as well as Greenwich, New Canaan and Ridgefield, CT (right). It was produced by the Garden Club of America in 1927. Drawings of houses are numbered to correspond to a key listing names of members. These include the wives of prominent men of that era, such as the architect Cass Gilbert and Texaco founder Lewis Lapham. It is illustrated with whimsical touches such as a train, a horse-drawn coach and golfers.
Regularly $1,400, the pair; sale price $1,200.
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Pictorial Garden Club Map

Garden Club 2

Gardening Print Gardening Print

The pair of allegorical gardening prints showing spring planting and summer blooming (left) are by the 18th-century artist and engraver Martin Engelbrecht. The garden and its flowers and fruits are analogized to hard work and its rewards.
Regularly $1,800, the pair; sale price $1,600.
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For the Rustic Lodge

McKenney and Hall set of six prints McKenney and Hall print of Seneca chief

Decorate the rustic lodge or rural retreat with this set of six framed lithographs from the octavo edition of McKenney & Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America (above left). Together with the original folio edition, this is the most extensive and accurate 19th century series of Native American portraits, and the only recorded likeness of many of these tribal leaders. Regularly $1,500, sale price $1,200.
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We also offer a portrait of Cornplanter, a Seneca chief, from the folio edition of McKenney & Hall's lithographs (above right). Cornplanter led his tribe during the French and Indian Wars and the American Revolution. In the 1790s, he signed a treaty with the government giving him a tract along the Allegheny River in Western Pennsylvania for the Seneca tribe, which became known as Cornplanter's Grant. Regularly $1,900, sale price $1,700.
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Take Me In (the Parlor) to the Ball Game (from our July eNews)

Parlor Baseball Game

A Parlor Baseball board game from the turn of the century is made of wood with holes drilled in the board for red and blue pegs, which represent the opposing teams. It was patented by American Play Games Co. of Rutherford, New Jersey in 1903. The pegs appear to all be present, though there are no dice.

Regularly $1,100, sale price $1,000.

Birds of Prey (from our July eNews)

Horned Owl Little Hawk Owl Carved Wooden Eagle

Above far left and center are a pair of owl prints by George Edwards, one of the foremost naturalists of the Age of Enlightenment, from one of the most important and comprehensive of all English 18th century natural history works.
The hand-colored engravings are regularly $650, the pair; sale price $550.

A large eagle sculpture (above right) carved in wood with a brass beak and talons. The eagle is posed boldly standing with its wings folded. Its strong feet firmly grip a contiguously carved tree stump base.
Regularly $1,250, sale price $1,100.

Brave Man

This portrait bust of a Native American brave in cast plaster covered with a terra-cotta slip was sculpted by New York artist Olympio Brindesi in 1920. The man gazes over his shoulder with an alert expression. In this early work, Brindesi demonstrates his gift for figure sculpture that led to numerous exhibitions in the following four decades, including the Brooklyn Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and Whitney Museum of American Art.

Regularly $2,700, sale price $2,400.

Native American Portrait Bust

Putting Long Island on the Map (from our May eNewsletter)

Historical Portrait of Long Island Map of Captree State Park

An Historical Portrait of Long Island from 1600 to 1850 (above left) is centered on a pictorial map of the island as it was in 1843, surrounded by numerous additional inset maps and vignettes. The 1974 color process print map was designed by Ronald Toelke, who has produced other educational maps and guidebooks related to New York State history. It is apparently scarce, with just two known copies in a public collection, that of the Brooklyn Historical Society.
Regularly $950, sale price $850.
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Above right is a watercolor map of Captree State Park on Long Island, in Babylon, New York, painted in the 1950s by C. Koetzner for the Long Island State Park Commission. The map shows Captree Island, the State Boat Channel, Fire Island Inlet and the eastern portion of Jones Island that includes Captree State Park and Oak Beach.Regularly $1,250, sale price $900.
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Tropical Fruit Trees (from our May eNewsletter)

Coconut Tree

This pair of framed original watercolor paintings was created to illustrate a book about the foods of the world, one depicting a banana tree and a man loading harvested bananas onto the back of a donkey, the other a coconut palm with a man fishing nearby. Both are full of incidental detail, for example, the orchid growing near the coconuts. Detail of bananas below. Regularly $3,750 for the pair, sale price $3,000.
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Banana Tree detail
Banana Tree
Replogle Sheraton Style 16-inch globe

Sheraton Style (from our May eNewsletter)

Thomas Sheraton was one of the major furniture designers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. His books for cabinet makers and upholsterers proved hugely influential on English furniture of the Georgian era, as well as on American makers such as Duncan Phyfe. The light elegant appearance and clean geometric shapes of the Sheraton style have never really gone out of fashion. This fine 16-Inch Terrestrial Floor Globe was produced in the Sheraton taste around 1935 by Replogle Globes in Chicago.

Regularly $3,750, sale price $2,900.
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