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Serving Up Delicious Fall Specials

Our November specials march in two by two: a pair of Besler carnation prints, a pair of John Gould songbird prints, two early-20th-century menswear fashion paintings, and a pair of c. 1930s pith helmets belonging to a beloved scholar of African art. We also offer a fashion satire from the 1820s masquerading as a still life, and a map of Africa published by the Homann Heirs in 1806.

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Sale prices in effect through December 15, 2017.

Heath Fashion Satire

Pick a Pair of Carnations

Besler Carnations Besler Carnations

Pair of magnificent hand-colored copperplate engravings of carnations from the first great botanical folio, Basilius Besler's Hortus Eysttensis, which documented the the garden of the Prince-Bishop of Eichstätt in the 17th century. Each in a giltwood frame with French mat having a red marbelized paper border, and framed with glass on both sides to show the explanatory text on the backs of the prints.
Regularly $2,800, the pair; sale price $2,400.
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Brilliant Birds of Britain

Gould Birds of Great Britain

Pair of lithographs of nesting birds — aRose-coloured Pastor and a Roller — from John Gould's Birds of Great Britain. Each shows a male and a female of the species in the branches of a tree and is in a giltwood frame, with the original text page affixed to the back.
Regularly $1,500, the pair; sale price $1,200.
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Sharp-Dressed Men

Magrath Mens Fashions

Two original oil painting fashion illustrations by Edmund Magrath, prepared by the artist for publication of Formal Wear and Sporting Wear in the 1920s. Magrath was a popular and successful fashion illustrator and portraitist in the first half of the 20th century. His work was described as follows: "He draws MEN, not manikins. You almost expect them to step down from the canvas with hand outstretched and a quip on the lip, so natural do they look. None of your spineless, nerveless, boneless, bloodless, 'fashion plates.'"
Regularly $1,300, the pair; sale price $1,100.
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Fruity Fashion Foolishness

Heath Fashion Dessert Satire

Humorous satire of women's fashions, an etching created by William Heath under the pseudonym Paul Pry that were published by Thomas McLean. They were part of Modern Oddities, a collection of over fifty fashion and society caricatures. This particular etching pokes fun at the fashionable ensemble of a hoop skirt, cinched corset, puffed sleeves, and wide-brimmed hat piled with decorations, comparing such outfits to an overly elaborate dessert resting on an inverted goblet.

Regularly $875, sale price $800.
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Out of Africa: Scholar's Souvenirs

Pith Helmets Pith Helmets Tin

Shown above is a rare painted tole traveling hatbox containing two cork-lined pith helmets that belonged to G.I. Jones, who was born in Africa, served in the British Colonial Service in Nigeria from 1926 to 1946, and spent the remainder of his life as an anthropologist and leading scholar on the art of Eastern Nigeria at Cambridge University. The interior of one of the helmets has a label with Jones' initials. In addition, Jones' name is painted in large gold letters "G.I. Jones" on the lid of the box.
Regularly $1,800, the set; sale price $1,400.
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Out of Africa: 19th C. Map

Homann Heirs Africa map

At left is an early 19th century map of the African continent prepared by Franz Ludwig Güssefeld and published in 1806 by Homann Heirs in Nuremberg. This is the 1806 reissue map updated with new discoveries in the interior of Africa made since its original publication in 1797. The map nonetheless reflects the incomplete European geographic knowledge at the time, with large portions of the African interior left blank. Regularly $925, the pair; sale price $800.
Regularly $925, the pair; sale price $800.
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Walking in Antarctica

Walking in Antarctica exhibition

Our webmaster (and George's sister) Helen Glazer is currently having an exhibition of photographs and sculpture titled Walking in Antarctica in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Rosenberg Gallery at Goucher College. A reception will be held Tuesday, November 14 from 6 to 8 p.m.; exhibition runs through December 18th.

Visit Goucher's website for more information about the show.

Walking in Antarctica exhibition Walking in Antarctica exhibition

Canada Glacier from Lake Fryxell (2017) Above left: a 3D file was generated from still photographs Helen took of the glacier wall from the frozen surface of Lake Fryxell in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica. The file was carved in high density urethane on a CNC (computer-controlled) router machine and painted with acrylics, oils and wax medium. It measures 15.5 x 60 x 17.5 inches, $5,200. Above right: Photograph of the Canada Glacier, 32.5 x 50 inches, $2,000 archivally printed and laminated, in white frame.

Seeing Zeeland & Roaming Romania (from our September eNews)

Ortelius Zeeland Map Ortelius Romania Map

This 16th-century map of Zeeland, a Dutch province, is one of the more sought after maps by Abraham Ortelius, largely for its ornate illustrations including Triton riding a sea monster and carrying the coat of arms of the province (shown above in masthead). It comes from Ortelius's groundbreaking project, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, a compendium of maps of countries of the world and the first modern atlas.
Regularly $1,500, sale price $1,350.
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Also from Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum is this map of Romania and contiguous regions west of the Black Sea and north of the Adriatic Coast, decorated with an elaborate Mannerist strapwork cartouche with distance scale and birds perched on either side, and a spouting whale and sailing ships in the ocean.
Regularly $775, sale price $700.
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