Double Hemisphere World Wall Map
Engraved Map with Manuscript Cartography, 1863
The World:  Western Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere
Detail of Europe Detail of Asia
Detail of North America Detail of South Pole and Relfe Brothers inscription
Detail of signature, R. Burrington
R. Burrington (manuscript cartography)
The World: Western Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere
Relfe Brothers, London: 1863
Engraved double hemispheres with manuscript cartography
Wall map backed on linen
Signed by the cartographer: "Executed by R. Burrington, Lapford, 18[?]6"
28.75 x 51 inches

Double hemisphere map, combining engraved outline hemispheres with latitude, longitude, equatorial, and ecliptical bands, with the rest of the cartography in manuscript by R. Burrington of Lapford, England, including outlines, coloring, and place names.  It appears that this map was intended for students studying geography, to learn the names of geographic entities by labeling the map themselves.

Relfe Brothers was a London bindery, publisher and school supply firm operating from as early as the 1850s to at least 1935.  They published educational books and atlases.

Condition: Generally very good, recently professionally cleaned and rebacked on linen, still with the usual overall light toning, wear, handling.  Original wooden rollers removed, but available to purchaser.