Huge Four-Part Map of Long Island
Hyde & Co., Brooklyn, New York: 1897

Balliet & Volk, Philadelphia (engravers)
Map of Long Island
Hyde & Company, Brooklyn, New York: 1897 (2nd edition)
Lithograph, printed in color
First and second maps: 36.5 x 34 inches, image; 37.5 x 36.25 inches, overall
Third map: 23.75 x 24.5 inches, image; 25.75 x 36.25 inches, overall
Fourth map: 15.25 x 34 inches image, 17.25 x 36.25 inches overall
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Set of four large maps that together show Long Island in great detail, from Brooklyn to the Hamptons and Montauk.  These maps were produced prior to the establishment of Nassau County in 1899.  They contain detailed information of interest to property owners, the insurance industry and government agencies, such as different markings for “fairly good roads,” “macadamized and good roads,” “poor roads,” and “private roads.”  Also depicted are churches, schoolhouses, hotels, houses labeled with the names of the homeowners, waterworks, lighthouses, life saving stations, railroads and rail stations.  Incorporated villages, new settlements, and the border with New York City are outlined.  Along the coastal areas, marshy areas are indicated, and the waterways are printed with detailed low tide soundings. 

Hyde & Company (later E. Belcher Hyde Map Company) was the main publisher of maps and atlases on Long Island from 1880 to 1920, which they issued in various formats, from folding maps to larger atlases.  They produced detailed maps for the fire insurance industry that were updated on an annual basis based on surveys by Hyde employees. The degree of detail and specificity of these maps allowed the insurance companies to estimate the liability of certain properties because they showed every structure in an area, its building materials and size, its function, and other pertinent information about the street and surroundings.  The company also published maps and atlases, including road maps, from the late 19th century and well into the 20th century, of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the New York Metropolitan area.  Their major competitors in the publication of Long Island maps were F.W. Beers, G.W. Bromley & Co. and Chester Wolverton.

Full title: Map of Long Island Based Upon Recent U.S. Coast Surveys, Together with Local Maps on File.  Supplemented by Careful Territorial Observations.

Full publication information: “Published by Hyde & Company, 97 Liberty Street, Junct. of Fulton [Street], Brooklyn, N.Y.  2nd Edition. July 1897.”  “Balliet & Volk, Map Engravers, 27 So. 6th St. Phila, Pa.”

Condition:  Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear, soiling, soft creases, cockling.  Four maps, originally folded and backed on linen now restored as flattened and re-backed on linen by a professional paper conservator.  Some light toning, wear, abrasions along original folds and intersections, restored as above.  Offered as four rolled maps to be framed as a set.


Allen, David Yelling.  Long Island Maps and Their Makers.  Mattituck, N.Y.: Amerion House, 1997.  pp. 97-98.

"Historical Maps and Atlases: Belcher Hyde and Sanborn Company Maps." Queens Borough Public Library. (11 August 2003).

inv_item title dimensions1 dimensions2 fullimage tn
1 First Map 36.5 x 34 inches 37.5 x 36.25 inches hydeli1.jpg hydeli1.jpg
2 Second Map 36.5 x 34 inches 37.5 x 36.25 inches hydeli2.jpg hydeli2.jpg
3 Third Map 23.75 x 24.5 inches 25.75 x 36.25 inches hydeli3.jpg hydeli3.jpg
4 Fourth Map 15.25 x 34 inches 17.25 x 36.25 inches hydeli4.jpg hydeli4.jpg
5 Map Detail: Key hydeli1det1.jpg hydeli1det1.jpg
6 Map Detail: Cartouche hydeli1det2.jpg hydeli1det2.jpg
7 Map Detail: Streets and Homes hydeli4det1.jpg hydeli4det1.jpg
8 Map Detail: Water Soundings hydeli4det2.jpg hydeli4det2.jpg