10-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
H.B. Nims & Co., Troy, NY: c. 1880-90
H.B. Nims 12-Inch Terrestrial Globe
Globe detail with polar circle
Globe cartouche Detail
Franklin Globes
10-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
H.B. Nims & Co., Troy, New York: c. 1880-90
Tripod bronzed iron stand
14 inches high; 14 inches diameter overall

The terrestrial globe is surmounted by an arrow pointer and mounted within a calibrated full brass meridian.  The globe is supported within a circular horizon band with engraved paper calendar and zodiac on three quadrant supports, in a tripod bronzed iron stand, with foliate cabriole legs, ending in scrolled feet.  Oceans are cream color.  Geographic entities are cream, green, pink and yellow, some shaded with hatched borders (faded).  In the United States, although many cities and rivers and indicated, most of the states are not named.  Among these are North and South Dakota, shown prior to statehood (1891) as a single territory.  Canada is labeled "British America."

Franklin Globes were produced throughout the second half of the 19th century in Troy, New York, by a succession of globe makers and booksellers, including H.B. Nims & Co. Read more about the company in our Guide to Globe Makers.

Circular Cartouche: 10 INCH/ TERRESTRIAL/ GLOBE/ Compiled from the best/ Authorities/ H.B. NIMS & CO./ TROY, N.Y.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual expected light scattered surface wear, staining, soiling, fading, toning, and abrasions, all restored.  Horizon band calendar and zodiac restored or replaced.  Top half of globe discolored relative to the bottom half due to toning from light and exposure.