Novelty Globes


3-inch Japanese Globe for American Market, Near Mint Condition

Y. Sukagawa
3-inch Japanese Globe
For American Market
c. 1914-24

L. Windels Globe Terrestre

L. Windels
12.75-Inch "Globe Terrestre"
Brussels: c. 1908-14
Iron tripod stand
Price on Request

Puzzle globe

Geographic Educator
6-Inch Jigsaw Puzzle Globe

New York City: Late 1920s
Tripod iron stand
Price on Request

Paul Rath Himmelsglobus

Paul Räth

Mid 20th C.

Peoples Bank Globe

Peoples Bank Globe
Philadelphia: 1921

tin globe

Cribben & Sexton
2-Inch Tin Bank Advertising Globe
Chicago: c. 1890s

Cram Slate

George Cram
Slate Globe
Indianapolis: 1970

Clocks & Instruments

Felkl Thermometer Globe

Felkl Thermometer Globe
Late 19th C.
Price on Request

Kelvin and Hughes Star Globe in Wooden Box

Kelvin & Hughes
7-Inch Star Globe in Wooden Box
George Philip & Son,
London: c. 1975

Unusual Forms

Functional Objects, Masonic, Folding and Other Decorative Forms
Jerusalem Raised Relief 7-inch Globe

Jerusalem Raised Relief 7-inch Globe
Israel: c.1980s to 1990s
Silver clad on ebonized base

Wiley Lamp

Commemorative Globe Lamp
Wiley Post & Will Rogers

New Jersey: c. 1935
Gold-painted white metal

Lighter Globe

J. Forest
Globe Cigarette Lighter

c. 1914-24
Price on Request

British Edwardian Globe With Atlas Figural Base

Globe With Atlas Base
British: c. 1920s
Price on Request

Golden Rule Foundation Tin Bank Globe

Golden Rule Foundation
4-Inch Tin Bank Globe
New York: c. 1938

P38 Trophy Globe

WWII P-38L Airplane Trophy
American: 1944
Airplane on brass engraved globe

TWA Trophy

TWA Trophy
Transcontinental Air Excursion Trophy

American: 1935
Silver-plated airplane on globe

Czech Trophy

Czechoslovakia Liberation Trophy
Czechoslovakia: c. 1928
Airplane on engraved globe

Chicago Trophy

Chicago Girls Flying Club Trophy
Chicago: 1937
Silver-plated globe and figure

Lunar, Celestial & Planetary

Rand McNally 12-Inch Celestial

Rand McNally
Celestial Globe
Early 1960s

American Navigational Celestial Sphere

American Navigational
Celestial Sphere
California: c. 1940s-1960s

Lunar Globe

J. Chein & Co.
9-Inch Lunar Globe
New Jersey:
c. 1969
In original box

lunar globe

Rand McNally
Lunar Globe
Chicago: 1969
Price on Request

Paul Rath Himmelsglobus

Paul Räth

Mid 20th C.

More 20th Century Globes

  • Scrimshaw Style

    Scrimshaw Style

  • Renaissance Style

    Renaissance Style

  • Scrimshaw Style
    Comoys of London
    3-Inch Faux-Ivory Globe
    London: Late 20th Century
    Scrimshaw style design
  • Renaissance Style
    4-inch Renaissance Style Globe
    Italy: c. 1940s-60s
    Terrestrial globe with fanciful cartography in the manner of maps from the late Renaissance. Raised in a half meridian on a tripod gilt stand. 10 inches high.

Reference & Archive

Our category of novelty globes encompasses decorative or educational globes that diverge from a standard rendering of the earth or the celestial sphere. Included here are pictorial children's globes, globes incorporated into decorative sculptures or functional objects such as inkwells, cigar lighters or clocks, and globes of planetary bodies such as the moon.

Also included are interesting educationally-oriented globes from the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Globes sheathed in blackboard slate allowed students to test their knowledge of geography by drawing maps on them with chalk. The Geographic Educator puzzle globes manufactured in the 1920s come apart in sections and hold jigsaw puzzle maps within.

Collecting Tellurians
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Archive of Sold Novelty Globes

Archive of Sold Novelty Globes

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Star Spangled Globes

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