Red Coral Branches
Clusters for Home Decor
Red Coral, 10 to 11 inches

About 10 to 11 inches high

Red Coral, 10 to 11 inches

About 7 to 9 inches high

Red Coral, 10 to 11 inches

About 6 to 7 inches high

Red Coral Branches
Chinese: Late 20th-Early 21st Century
Medium clusters, 10 to 12 inches high: $550 each
Small clusters, 4 to 8 inches high: $225 to $350 each

Custom-made bases in various styles are available at an additional cost, which depends on the style selected. See below.

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Red coral, available in different configurations: full clusters with numerous branches, or as smaller single branches. We offer them either unmounted or mounted on various styles of custom bases. Red coral can be used as a bright focal point in a room; see below for a creative way to enhance a fireplace over the summer.

Throughout human history, red coral was thought to have magical and curative powers. It has been a popular material for carving various jewelry and decorative arts from ancient times to present. Full branches were often found in collectors' cabinets of the 18th century, among other natural history specimens. In the past five years, red coral has become a very popular motif for interior décor from chandeliers to fabric patterns.

Please note: Our stock is ever changing, and therefore subject to availability. If you are seriously interested in purchasing red coral and would like to see pictures of those currently available, please e-mail us. We can also send images of sample bases.

Condition: Varies with each specimen. Most very good with the usual wear and aging. To our knowledge these are red coral, with the color further enhanced with red dye. The big clusters often have old breaks that have been restored. These are genuine coral, intended as decoration, but not as mineral collectibles. Sold as is, though subject to return if you are not pleased (please inquire as to specifics of our return policy).

Fire Coral in Fireplace

Decorating with Coral

Try your own innovative use of coral for home decor. In this fireplace display, four clusters of coral add strong color during the summer months in a whimsical play on otherwise expected tree branch forms. We also offer custom made stands such as those shown below.

Fire Coral Fire coral