Australia Map Tray
Cartographic Curiosity, 1948
Australia Map Tray
Detail of map of Australia
Detail of back
Australia Map Tray
Australia: 1948
Cast bronze, nickel-plated, hand engraved
4.25 inches high, 6.5 inches wide

Sculptural cast bronze, nickel-plated tray in the form of a map of Australia with a low-relief figure of a kangaroo standing on a boomerang upright in the back.The map is hand engraved with Australian place names in a calligraphic style around the central image of a kangaroo with joey amidst stylized plants, which take on the brown tones of the bronze metal beneath the nickel.  The tray rests on four simple feet.  The boomerang is engraved with the place name “Sydney, Australia” and the date 1948.  This cartographic curiosity was probably for sale to the tourist trade.

Boomerang inscription: Sydney Australia 1948.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall wear, abrasions, oxidation. Two holes drilled in the lower corners of the map for unknown purpose; something possibly originally was attached to them.