Oxford University Coats of Arms
Set of 14 Miniature Wooden Plaques, Framed
Oxford University Coats of Arms

College coats of arms represented in the plaque shown above are, from left to right (top row) Jesus, Christ Church, St. John's, All Souls, and Worcester; (middle row) Trinity, Corpus Christi, Magdalen, and Brasenose; (bottom row) Merton, Wadham, Queens, Arms of the See of Oxford, and Lincoln (bottom row).

Oxford University Coats of Arms, detail Oxford University Coats of Arms, detail
Oxford University Coats of Arms
Miniature Wooden Plaques

British: First Half 20th Century
Set of 14 in frame
19.5 x 19.5 inches, overall framed

Collection of 14 miniature wooden plaques representing the coats of arms of 13 of the colleges of the University of Oxford in England together with the Arms of the See (or Bishopric) of the Church of England in Oxford.  They are mounted in three rows on a green velvet backing in an oak frame.  Each plaque is a wooden ring and ribbon supporting a shield, with a color-printed paper seal decoupaged in the center.  Today there are 38 independent, self-governing colleges at Oxford University.  Each has a coat of arms that is an important part of its identity.

Condition: Plaques fine overall with only light toning and wear.  Frame very good with the usual overall light wear and shrinkage.

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