Albert Richard All-America Football Maps
F.E. Cheeseman, 1938-41

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Albert Richard All-America Football Map (front and back) - 1941


Albert Richard All-America Football Map (front and back) - 1941

1941 back

Albert Richard All-America Football Map - 1939


Albert Richard All-America Football Map - 1940


Albert Richard All-America Football Map - 1938


F.E. Cheeseman (after)
Albert Richard All-America Football Map
Albert Richard Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 1938-1941
Color process prints
19 x 26 inches
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Football maps of the United States for the 1938 through 1941 seasons focusing primarily on college, but illustrating professional teams as well. Locations and scores of major college championships, including the Bowl games. A bold Art Deco design is used, employing players, cheerleaders, college banners. Inset diagram of referee signals.

The map was issued by Albert Richard, a manufacturer of men's and boys outer sport coats. On the back of each poster, a variety of Richard's seasonal jacket selections were featured. Apparently the posters were sold or given away by Richard or various retail clothing stores that featured Richard's jackets for sale. Examples of the poster are known for the years 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, each different in design by artist F.E. Cheeseman.

An example of the 1941 map belonging to the Library of Congress is described in a book about the Library collection (full reference below):

"This pictorial map demonstrates how popular football had become by the beginning of World War II. With a primary emphasis on the collegiate side of the sport, with team nicknames, 1940 season records, and major conference championships, it also documents the major professional clubs - only ten at the time. The map carries the endorsement of the noted spots writer Grantland Rice, and reports his selections for the 1940 All-America team." (Virga, Brinkley et al).


A similar map in the collection of the Library of Congress is illustrated in Vincent Virga, Alan Brinkley, and Curators of the Library of Congress, Eyes of the Nation A Visual History of the United States. NY: Knopf, 1997, pp. 300-01.