Saturnia-Vulcania Italian Cruise Ship
Framed Painting, Italy: c. 1950s

This item is sold.  It has been placed here in our online archives as a service for researchers and collectors.

Saturnia-Vulcania framed painting
Saturnia-Vulcania detail of painting

Detail of painting and title plate

Postcard of Saturnia-Vulcania

Postcard with similar image, produced in 1950s.
(Not for sale.)

Saturnia-Vulcania: Italia Navigazione
Italy: c. 1950s
Gouache and pastel on paper
3.25 x 4 inches, overall
7.75 x 8.75 inches, framed
Sold, please inquire as to the availability of similar items.

Original gouache and pastel artwork on paper of an ocean liner at sea in a carved frame, bearing a brass plate with the title.  It depicts either the Saturnia or the Vulcania, two virtually identical cruise ships operated by the Italian Line (Italia Società di Navigazione).  A variation on the same image appeared on postcards published by the cruise line in the early 1950s (see above left), so this drawing was probably made around that time. The colors of the artwork are different than the postcard, but the composition is the same, down to the waves in the ocean and the clouds in the sky.  The ships were so similar, that even these postcards bore the names of both ships.  This artwork is presented in its original Baroque-style frame, with velvet mat, brass title plate, and gold fillet.  It may have been produced as decoration for a cruise line sales office or as a souvenir for passengers.

The Saturnia and the Vulcania were built by Cantiere Navale Triestino in Monfalcone, Italy, and entered service in 1927 and 1928 respectively for the Cosulich Line.  They sailed the North and South Atlantic.  In 1932, Cosulich was merged with two other lines to form The Italian Line.  Both ships survived World War II, and were returned to Italia service around 1946-47.  They continued to sail into the mid 1960s, when two new ships replaced them.  The Saturnia was scrapped and the Vulcania was renamed the Caribia and sailed for another line for several years, until it too was scrapped, in 1974.


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