Inner Sanctum of Simon & Schuster World Map
New York: 1927

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The Inner Sanctum of Simon and Schuster Pictorial World Map
Detail of holiday greetings

Detail of holiday greetings


Detail of cartouche

C. Vernon Farrow
The Inner Sanctum of Simon and Schuster World Map
Bayside, New York: 1927
Color-process print
16.75 x 20.25 inches, image
21 x 31 inches, overall
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Playful map of the world produced by the New York publishing house Simon and Schuster at the end of 1927 as a holiday promotional item. The geographical areas are labeled with comments -- some descriptive and some humorous -- related to literature published by Simon and Schuster. Along the bottom margin, books from their imprint are featured under the heading: “This map of the universe is too small to show all our authors -- but we use this margin of safety to list a few other books that shook the world.” In the upper left corner are droll holiday greetings from the company within a holly wreath. There are frequent references throughout the map to “The Inner Sanctum,” which was a cleverly-written advertising column produced by Simon and Schuster and appearing regularly in The New York Times and Publishing Weekly. (The company later published a series of mystery novels under the Inner Sanctum imprint.) Also appearing throughout the map is the Simon and Schuster logo, a figure of a sower derived from Jean-François Millet’s painting The Reapers.The map is drawn in an Art Deco style and printed in peach, red, black and yellow-green.

C. Vernon Farrow was an American illustration artist. Among his other credits are illustrations for Yoo-Hoo Prosperity! The Eddie Cantor Five-Year Plan, published by Simon & Schuster in 1931.

Cartouche: “With Apologies to the British Empire. The Sun never sets on The Inner Sanctum of Simon and Schuster publishers of books encircling the world, who sign their contracts -- entertain their authors, appease their customers, regale their friends and otherwise engage in the pursuit of fewer and better books on the eighth floor of their townhouse, at the sign of the three sowers hard by the Borzoi directly above the Hispanò Suiza, 37 West 57 street, off Fifth Avenue in the City of New York and the United States of America. Conceived and projected by The Inner Sanctum. Designed and drawn at Bayside, L.I. by C. Vernon Farrow 1927.”


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