100 Years in the Region of the Great Lakes
Great Lakes Pictoral Map

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Great Lakes
Great Lakes Great Lakes
Great Lakes
Great Lakes

Simon Greco (after)
100 Years in the Region of the Great Lakes
Oglebay, Norton & Company
American: 1954
30 x 37 inches, overall
32 x 38.5 inches, original frame
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Great Lakes

A map commemorating the 100th anniversary of Oglebay, Norton & Company. The map shows the Great Lakes and surrounding area with pictorial illustrations of the industries and culture found throughout. The images include factories, pigs, cows, miners, boats, and corn. The map is bordered with views of notable locations and historical events. Surrounding the entire map is a textile-patterned border and a green margin. Land elevation is represented by various shades of green. Wildlife preserve areas, "Indian Reservations," and National Parks are also denoted.

The Oglebay Norton Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded in 1854 as an iron ore agency business and later grew to become a leading supplier of natural resources for an array of industries. The company now primarily deals with lime and limestone, marine transportation, and industrial sands.

A description of the original map appears on the company’s web site as follows:

100 Years in the Region of the Great Lakes

This pictorial map, "100 Years in the Region of the Great Lakes" was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Oglebay, Norton & Company.

The artist, Simon Greco, wove a wealth of information into a decorative tapestry which is both an absorbing study and an attractive wall hanging.

The collecting and organizing of the data for the map was supervised by Fredman-Chaite Studios of New York who employed a staff to sift the information supplied by trade associations, state governments and universities, chambers of commerce, libraries, historical societies and the Dominion of Canada. This research work required eleven months for completion.

The map covers an area of approximately 1,300,000 square miles from 37 degrees to 49 degrees north latitude and from 73 degrees to 94 degrees west longitude. The projection is Lambert conformal.

Hundreds of drawings were made to organize the elements for the map. Two preliminary paintings of the map preceded the final rendering in casein. Artist Greco carefully selected his palette of colors to preserve a uniform color balance throughout the map.

The final painting began with underlying colors to show differences in elevation of the terrain. This was followed by the forests and parks, the rivers and lakes. These topographic features are distinguished by the legend.

The major task was the painting of the pictorial symbols to represent cultural features, important industries, products, agricultural centers, and natural resources. For the lettering of place names and other lettering, a special alphabet was designed.

The scenes which frame the map depict some historical events which have had a lasting effect on commerce and industry within the region. Interspersed with these are seven panels in color representing the principal activities of Oglebay Norton Company and associated companies.


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