Historical Map of England and Wales
John Bartholomew & Son, Edinburgh: c. 1950s-60s

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Historical Map of England and Wales

detail: cartouche

detail: London

detail: crests

detail: key


detail: Wales

Historical Map of England and Wales
John Bartholomew & Son Ltd., Edinburgh: c. 1950s to 1960s
Color photo process print, backed on linen, mounted on wooden rollers
37.5 x 26.5 inches, overall
37 x 24.5 inches, image
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Colorful, detailed and elaborate decorative pictorial and historical map of England and Wales, including coats of arms of the two kingdoms and their largest cities. A key provides symbols representing cathedrals, abbeys, castles, large towns, resorts & spas, seaports, roman centres, other pre-conquest centres & sites, other historic or scenic features, battles & sieges, and air war (1940-45) sites. Ruins are included among the sites marked with these symbols. Quotes by John Milton, William Shakespeare, and William Wordsworth appear around the map. There are also numerous views of historical events such as the 8th century Norse invasion, shown as Vikings landing on the shore; John Cabot departing from Bristol in 1497; the Crusades and the Norman Conquest. Other views and pictorial illustrations show people of historical significance such as the first Prince of Wales, the Venerable Bede (Father of English History), and "Bonnie Prince Charlie."

John Bartholomew & Son, Ltd. has been publishing maps and atlases from the 19th century to the present day. Its founder, John Bartholomew (1831-1893), was a Scottish cartographer, mapmaker and publisher. He also helped to found the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. He was trained by his father, who had a cartographical establishment in Edinburgh. After working as the assistant to the German geographer August Petermann, he took over management of his father's firm in I856. His Edinburgh Geographical Institute built a reputation in Great Britain for the production of the finest cartographical work, including a notable series of contour maps of Great Britain derived from the Ordnance Survey. The firm continues to have a distinguished reputation in map publishing.


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