Nantucket Town
Pictorial Map by Shemin & Royster: 1973

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Nantucket Town pictorial map
Nantucket Town pictorial map
Nantucket Town pictorial map inset map of Nantucket Nantucket Town pictorial map inset illustration of Jethro Coffin house
Nantucket Town pictorial map edition number Nantucket Town pictorial map Henry W. Royster signature
Mickey Shemin and Henry W. Royster (after)
Nantucket Town
Nantucket, Massachusetts: 1973
Black and brown ink on parchment paper
Editioned and signed in ink lower margin: 85/300 Henry W. Royster
22 x 30 inches, overall
21 x 29.25 inches, border
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Limited edition, signed, bird's-eye view pictorial map of the village of Nantucket, Massachusetts, with finely detailed renderings of the buildings along Main Street and side streets in the section of town along the shoreline that includes Old South Wharf, Straight Wharf and Steamboat Wharf. The map is oriented with east at the bottom. Buildings are labeled with the names of the businesses that occupied them at the time. Public buildings such as the Post Office, Atheneum, and Information Bureau are also identified. An inset map of Nantucket Island and 12 inset illustrations of historic buildings, ships and lighthouses decorate the right and left borders, and an elaborate pattern of roses, printed in brown, fills the rest of the space to the ruled border. The map's title is lettered in an Art Nouveau style, with whimsical depictions of seagulls flying around it and standing on some of the letters. The map is drawn in a hatched and stippled pen and ink style somewhat reminiscent of the work of the cartoonist R. Crumb, whose work was popular at the time.

This map was one of 300 published as an edition in black and brown ink on off-white parchment paper. An uneditioned version was also published on gold paper. Along Federal Street is "Something Natural, The Earth Works, Our Store" suggesting the map may have been produced to promote that business.

Henry W. Royster published prints of Nantucket scenes under his own imprint during the 1970s. In addition to the pictorial map shown here, other titles included The Port of Nantucket, Grey Lady of the Sea and Main Street, Nantucket Town, Cobblestoned in 1937.


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