Chart of Lake George
Glens Falls, New York: 1906
Chart of Lake George
Detail of chart
Map Key Stamp verso Cartouche
Julius William Walters (act. 1881-1911) (after)
Chart of Lake George
Glens Falls, New York: 1906
C.E. Wilson, Jr., Bolton Landing, NY: 1909
(map frame)
Offset cyanotype print
13.5 x approximately 60 inches, map overall
7 x 13.5 inches, display area
7 x 17 inches, as mounted including wooden frame
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Unusual map of Lake George, a resort in New York’s Hudson River Valley, set in its original custom wooden frame on two rollers. The wooden frame allows portions of the oblong map to be viewed more conveniently while in a boat. According to the map’s legend, the chart was intended for “power boat users whose craft had a draft of 4’ or less.” A table of names of islands and shoals in the narrows is provided. The map shows railroad tracks, roads, county lines, steamer landings, channel lines, contours of mountains, types of shoreline (e.g. deep water, shelving rock, mud), and boating hazards such as spindles on sunken boats, submerged reefs and the ends of sunken logs. The map also shows the width of the lake at various points. In the narrow margins are advertisements for local businesses, such as boat builders and suppliers, and real estate agencies. A note under the cartouche states that the maker, “J.W. Walters, M.E.,” of Glens Falls, New York, had 25 years experience as a “marine and mechanical designer.” According to the Library of Congress records, the copyright for the map was registered in December of 1906. The map is numbered 145 in the lower margin.

The back of the wooden mounting board is stamped “C.E. Wilson, Jr., Bolton Landing, N.Y. Aug” with “1909” written by hand.

Julius William Walters was a mechanical engineer, marine and mechanical designer living in Port Richmond, New York, and later in Glens Falls. In addition to designing the Chart of Lake George, he was also an inventor, holding several patents for automobile and boat parts such as boilers, propellers and wheels. He also patented a folding bench and devices for grinding and straining wood pulp.


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