Cape Cod
Embroidered Pictorial Map: 1932

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Cape Cod
framed Cape Cod Cape Cod
Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod
Cap Codd [Cape Cod]
American: 1932
Embroidery on linen
Signed lower left: 1932 J. S. B.
18.5 x 22.5 inches, overall
20.75 x 25 inches, framed
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Hand-embroidered map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, decorated with charming images. Boats, a sea monster, and a whale share the sea as a plane flies overhead. A church, house, turkey, automobile, windmill, trees, and teepees whimsically decorate the land. The map has a compass rose near the Provincetown tip, and the words Cap Codd in fancy lettering in the bay. Cap Codd is an old English spelling, used, for example, in the journals of William Bradford, who arrived at Cape Cod on the Mayflower in 1620.

An embroidered map of Long Island, in the same style and with similar motifs, is also known from the period. It is thought that they might have been created from a 1930s embroidery kit, though it is conceivable that this is a unique design.