Story Map of Mexico
Pictorial Map, 1944

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Colortext Story Map of Mexico
Colortext Story Map of Mexico Detail Colortext Story Map of Mexico Detail
Colortext Story Map of Mexico Detail Colortext Story Map of Mexico Detail
Colortext Story Map of Mexico
Colortext Story Map of Mexico
Colortext Publications Inc., Chicago: 1944
Color process print
15 x 20.25 inches, ruled border
17.25 x 22.25 inches, overall
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A detailed and colorful pictorial map of Mexico, with numerous drawings of landmarks and historic incidents, native and contemporary Mexicans, and typical landscape features and economic activities. Given the large amount of historical information, geography is limited to major rivers and other bodies of water, cities and towns, and hatched lines that apparently indicate either major intercity roads or railroad lines. Mountain ranges are drawn in aerial perspective and shaded in color. There are ships in the oceans — both historic and contemporary — and a sailfish in the Gulf of Mexico. The Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico are labeled in Spanish. The richly decorated border incorporates Pre-Columbian designs framing illustrations of traditional Mexican handicrafts and landscape vignettes. A portion of the bordering United States is included, but shaded a uniform gray. There is a monochrome world map printed on the verso, as issued, titled The Colortext World in Black and White and copyrighted 1943.

Colortext Publications published educational books and pictorial maps in the second quarter of the 20th century. A series of “Story Maps” were published between 1935 and 1950, including maps of Europe, France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Mexico, the United States and the West Indies. Colortext also published maps of France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland during this period by the cartographer and illustrator Ernest Dudley Chase and a map of Kentucky for the H.E. Pogue Distillery. In addition to Chase, Colortext maps were drawn by Egbert G. Jacobson, Julio de Diego, A. Walker and W.E. Vogelear. Apparently these maps were intended to engage and educate American youth. In addition, the firm published illustrated booklets about history for children in connection with the Chicago World's Fair Century of Progress Exhibition in 1933 and 1934, and maps of Chicago (1938) and a Military Panoramap of the Theatre of War (1940) showing the European theater of World War II.

Full publication information: Copyright Colortext Publications Inc., Chicago, Ill. 1944.


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