A Map of the Appalachian Region
Pictorial map by Clarence Baker Kearfott: 1950

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A Map of the Appalachian Region
A Map of the Appalachian Region A Map of the Appalachian Region
A Map of the Appalachian Region A Map of the Appalachian Region
A Map of the Appalachian Region
Clarence Baker Kearfott (1884-1977) (after)
A Map of the Appalachian Region
American: 1950 (revised edition)
Color process print
17 x 24.75 inches, overall
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Pictorial map depicting the history and landmarks of the Appalachian region, including parts of Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. The map includes geographic, historical and almanac information, with dozens of small captioned illustrations distributed across the map and a detailed border illustrating historical scenes from the early settlements of the region during the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as landmarks, portraits and scenes representing contemporary life under the headings of "Camping"; "Recreation"; "Agriculture"; "Transportation"; "Manufacturing"; and, "Power." Cartographic decorations include a cartouche in an oval frame, a compass rose and a color illustration of horses on a racetrack (perhaps Churchill Downs). Geographic information includes mountain ranges, highlighted in blue, the Appalachian trail, highlighted in red through the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as rivers, lakes, state boundaries, towns, major roads, national parks, colleges, landmarks, important industries, etc. Whimsical touches include cars on the roads and the camel from the Camel cigarettes package at Winston Salem, North Carolina, captioned with the city's nickname "Camel City." The map is printed in dark brown, with some illustrations highlighted in green, blue, yellow, red, pink and brown. The back of the map is stamped in blue with the original price.

Clarence Baker Kearfott was an architect and author who was born, and apparently spent most of his life, in Bristol, Virginia, in the southwestern corner of the state. By 1911, he was working as an architect, and designed the First Baptist Church in Bristol. In 1914, he designed the Virginia High School building there (now the Virginia Middle School), which is on the National Register of Historic Places and a Virginia Historic Landmark. His books include Highland Mills (1970), and Blue John Remembers (1995) a posthumous collection of articles that he wrote during the 1950s chronicling life in the region for the first half of the 20th century. Kearfott was a member of the American Institute of Architects.

After initially posting this map online we received the following correspondence with additional relevant information from one of Kearfott’s five children, now in her 90s:

I can give you a little more insight about the map. It was actually first drawn in 1931-32 during the Great Depression when no building was going on. Dad had closed his architecture firm and moved it into the basement of our home. He put a roll-top desk and drawing table upstairs in a small sleeping porch where he worked several hours a day on the map and we were not allowed in! All of this was done with only one eye. He had worn a glass eye since he was 18 at which time he lost his eye in a rock quarry accident.

The map was originally printed in sepia and 2 of my older sisters added watercolor to make it come alive. He sold many copies but not enough to support a family of 5 children. The one on your website was updated in 1950 to include the TVA lakes which were non-existent in the 30’s. His one request was that the map never be made into placemats!

C.B. Kearfott was an amazing man of many talents. We were enriched by his intelligence and broad knowledge; his love of nature and the beauty of God’s earth; and his many creative talents. He was also a poet and avid photographer.

Full title and publication information: A Map of the Appalachian Region Showing Localities of Historic Interest, Places of Natural Beauty & Wonder And Public Highroads Thereto. Copyright Clarence Kearfott, 1950.


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